Add Firebase Project to Firefoo

Add Firebase Project to Firefoo

To use Firefoo, it needs to be connected to a Firebase project. If you have used the Firebase CLI tools on your machine (e.g. to deploy Firestore Rules, Cloud Functions or Hosting sites), Firefoo will automatically connect you to that project on start-up. Otherwise you are greeted with the Add Firebase Project popup in the beginning, which gives you three options:
  1. Sign in with Google
  2. Import Service Account Key JSON
  3. Add Local Emulator
You can add additional projects later by choosing the Add Project button on top of the sidebar or via File › Add Firebase Project…

Sign in with Google

The simplest option is to connect with your Google account. Clicking the button will open a browser tab
Choose your Google account
Make sure to use the account that has access to the Firebase project, which might be your work account and not your personal Google account.
Grant the required permissions.
Close the browser tab and return to Firefoo.
All Firebase projects this Google account has access to are now listed in the sidebar on the left.

Import Service account key JSON

Instead of signing in with Google, you can choose to connect with a service account key - a JSON file that contains the secret keys to connect to Firebase.
Open Service Accounts settings in Firebase Console
Sign in if prompted & choose your project
Download Key
Click the blue button to generate & download the service account key file. You might need to create a service account before.
Import Key
Drag & drop the downloaded file into Firefoo
Or click Choose file… to browse your file system.

Add Local Emulator

During start-up, Firefoo automatically looks for running emulators on your machine. If you started your local emulator after opening Firefoo, you can run File › Discover Local Emulators to connect it. If you are using a non-standard configuration, you can manually add your emulator from the Add Firebase Project popup by specifying the Firebase project and the emulator address, which has the format HOST:PORT. Note that the Firebase project needs to be connected to Firefoo already. It is not possible to connect an emulator to Firefoo without connecting to the actual Firebase project first.

Add GCP Project without Firebase

If you're using Firestore in Native Mode with a Google Cloud Platform project, you have to enable Firebase to view the database in Firefoo. click Enable Firebase on the Firestore page in the GCP Console. Then refresh the project by right-clicking on the Google account or service account in the Firefoo sidebar.
Firefoo does not support Firestore projects in the Datastore mode.