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Import & Export

Import and export collections to CSV and JSON. Download backups of your database and transfer data across projects or to the emulator.

Powerful Admin Panel

View and edit your data in a table, tree or as JSON. Rename and copy collections and documents, query Firestore from JavaScript.

Secure & Easy to Setup

Download and quickly sign in with Google or service account. Secure by design: Firefoo lives on your machine and so does your data!

Used by thousands of successful startups and enterprises

Advanced Firestore
Data Exploration

» Slice and dice your data with multiple where conditions, order by clauses and additional operators like starts-with. You'll never want to go back to the Firebase Console!

» View collections side by side in Split View, hide and reorder columns in Table View and edit data as JSON or in a tree. Customize Timestamp, Geopoint and number format in the Output Options.

» Working with multiple projects becomes a charm! Assign different colors to projects to avoid mix-ups and make projects read-only to prevent accidents!


Write Scripts Quickly

» Firefoo is your JavaScript shell for Firestore! Write quick scripts with the Node.js Admin SDK and use it like a CLI query tool.

» Write custom Firestore queries in JavaScript to read, write and delete your data without setup. Autocomplete and syntax-highlighting are provided by the familiar VS Code editor.

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Manage your Users with the Firebase Auth Admin Panel

» User management the way it should be! Change user passwords, emails, phone numbers and custom fields (claims). See user sign-up and sign-in time by minute and enjoy more sorting options than the Console.

» Import and export all users to CSV or JSON and transfer them between projects.

» Bulk delete and disable user accounts. Quickly write scripts to modify authentication records without boilerplate code.


Visualize Geopoints and Preview Images

» Plot coordinates of your query results on an interactive map to get a fast overview. Click specific points to view the corresponding document details.

» If you store images in Firestore, you can preview them in Firefoo, just a right-click away.


Import, Export and Transfer Data between Projects

» Import CSV and JSON as Firestore collections with fine-grained options: control target field names, document IDs and auto-convert types. Export collections, documents and fields to CSV and JSON.

» Download backups of your whole Firestore database as a compressed archive or choose specific collections.

» Transfer all or some of your Firestore collections from one project to another, e.g. between a development and production environment or the Firebase emulator.

Dark Theme

Go easy on your eyes with the lights‑out experience


Firefoo fully supports the Firebase Local Emulator Suite, a set of advanced tools for developers

Split View

Keep the overview with multiple collections side by side in the Split View

Save Queries

Saved Queries and Data Transfers will save you time and enlighten your day

Background Tasks

Long-running operations like data exports execute in the background so you can continue working

Secure by Design

Firefoo is a stand-alone desktop application, so all your data and connection secrets stay with you


Regular backups are non-negotiable! Download an archive of all your Firestore collections through Firefoo


Full support for all CRUD operations: Create, browse, edit, duplicate, move and delete subcollections

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate and edit your data with shortcuts! Open anything in no time with the Command Palette

“I'm so excited. I just migrated an entire database in 2 minutes.”

"I find data inconsistencies in the table view, I fix them in the JS editor. Firefoo has improved the way I get work done!”

"The backend of our startup is based on Firebase. As a product person, Firefoo has opened a new window to our data for me."

Give Superpowers to your Firebase!