Buy a Firefoo License


Is payment monthly or yearly?

You'll receive an invoice once a month and can cancel anytime. After canceling, you can continue to use Firefoo until the end of the subscription period. Get in touch if you're interested in discounted yearly licenses!

Can I use one license on two computers?

Yes! But you can only have it open on one machine at a time, so close Firefoo on the other machine before.

Are there discounts for students and nonprofits?

Yes! Send us an email from your university or organization address to [email protected].

How can I pay?

At the moment we accept credit card only. Let us know if that's a problem for you!

Where do I enter my license key?

If you have not downloaded Firefoo, download the free trial now. In the main menu of the Firefoo application choose HelpEnter License Key.

Are there any additional costs?

Not from Firefoo itself, but your Google Cloud bill might increase through the APIs that Firefoo uses, just as you are billed for requests from apps and the Firebase Console. These additional costs are usually in the range of just a few cents a month unless you download millions of documents. Read more about GCP pricing for Firestore.