Release Notes

Release Notes


Wed Jan 25 2023
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix project listing
  • Firestore: Add count() method to script (await db.collection('cities').count().get())


Sat Nov 05 2022
  • Bug fixes
    • Reset document selection after query execution
    • Authentication: Reset user selection after query execution
  • Add a field with a constant value to a collection, query or selected documents
  • Tab title can be changed
  • Speed up deletes by disabling recursive delete


Wed Aug 24 2022
  • Support for Apple Silicon
  • CSV import
    • Data type can be specified for every column
    • Import into root level is possible, a column must be selected for the absolute document path
    • Latin1 (ISO-8859-1) files can be imported
  • Preview for export and import
  • Simplified Newline Delimited JSON export format
  • Schema analyzer: Support for JSON Schema
  • Firefoo Settings
    • Monofont in output
    • Default query limit can be changed
  • Bugfixes
    • Fix map export in CSV export
    • Archive export: DocRefs to different project are exported correctly


Tue May 17 2022
  • New Export & Import format: Newline separated JSON (.jsonl)
  • Schema analyzer
    • Analyze the structure of your collections
    • Auto-generate type definitions for for TypeScript, Dart, Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective-C
  • Optionally include resource path in CSV export
  • Support for collection groups
  • Data transfer: Transform document reference fields
  • CSV import
    • Field names can be set to original, camel-case, etc.
    • Null will be converted to null type
    • Stricter date parsing
    • Support geopoint format. Syntax: myfield.__lat__, myfield.__lon__
  • Allow saving of empty string in Editor
  • Select multiple documents in table with shift click


Mon Jan 24 2022
  • Improved Firestore table view
    • Multi-select documents and bulk-delete them
    • New columns: createTime, readTime, updateTime
    • Sort by clicking on the arrow in the table header
    • Filter from table header or cell context menu
    • Columns button is more prominent
    • Better column width heuristic
    • Display Collection Group JS query results
  • Redesigned simple query GUI
  • Added useful NPM packages to the JS editor
    • fetch to make http requests
    • fs to read and write local files
    • moment to convert dates and times
    • and csv, async, uuid, jwt
  • Open Task Details from the Tasks Popup
  • Bugfixes
    • Don't auto-connect with invalid firebase tools credentials
    • Save state correctly after initial Firefoo run
    • Option to disable auto-update in Settings


Wed Dec 29 2021
  • Dark theme is finally here!
  • Improved JSON import for Firestore
    • Import any JSON file that has an array or object at the root level
    • Doc IDs: Choose auto-generated, object keys or (nested) fields values
  • Set projects readonly to prevent accidents: right-click project in sidebar
  • Restore closed tabs: View > Restore Closed Tab (Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+T)
  • Estimate number of docs in collections: right-click collection in sidebar
  • Speed up task execution: Faster-than-ever rename, delete, export, …
  • Error logging for Tasks: list errors for failed docs and auth users
  • Number format in Output Options: specify how many fractional digits to show
  • Geo Map now includes docs with latitude and longitude fields
  • Timestamps have human-readable ISO format in JSON view and exports
  • Table/Tree Output: URLs in string fields are now clickable
  • Fixed Table rendering bug
  • Design improvements
    • Sidebar: Saved Queries below projects
    • Added buttons for Duplicate Tab, Split View, Collection Actions
    • Firebase Auth: JS Query Button


Tue Oct 26 2021
  • Rename and delete fields in a collection (available via right-click on the table header)
  • Correct handling of collections with special characters in their resource path
  • UX improvements


Thu Oct 14 2021
  • Support for Firebase Authentication
    • If a project has authentication enabled, an authentication entry will appear as the first subitem of the project in the left side bar.
    • Export, import and transfer users.
    • The script editor also supports authentication. Use admin.auth()
  • Command Palette
    • Open the command palette by pressing Cmd+P(macOS), Ctrl+P(Windows, Linux)
    • Open collections, saved queries, settings, etc.
  • Document References can now be used in the Simple Query Where condition


Mon Sep 06 2021
  • Data transfer between projects
    • Right-click a project or a collection in the sidebar and select "Transfer Data…"
    • Use cases: Transfer between production and development projects or a local emulator
    • Save transfers by clicking the star in the transfer tab
    • Find saved transfers by clicking the star in the bottom of the sidebar
  • Tab Split Panes
    • Move a tab to the next pane by right-clicking on its tab title and clicking "Tab Split View". This works only if more than one tab is open.
    • Shortcut to focus the next pane: Cmd+;(macOS), Ctrl+;(Windows, Linux)
    • Shortcut to move tab to next pane: Cmd+'(macOS), Ctrl+'(Windows, Linux)
  • Linux: Release of a zip version, allowing Firefoo to run on non .deb and non .rpm based systems
  • Fixed an issue with the auto-updater on Windows on connection loss during an update
  • Show correct order of documents with numeric ID
  • UX improvements, more hints


Sun Aug 15 2021
  • Don't show update modal repeatedly
  • Fix rendering bug in Simple Query when entering inequality operators


Sat Aug 14 2021
  • New tab bar with drag & drop support
  • Assign colors to projects to distinguish them! Right-click the project in the sidebar.
  • Table Column dialog redesigned with filter
  • Data type color-highlighting in Table and Tree output
  • Query filters: better autocomplete and warnings
  • Improve Number handling
    • Support NaN, Infinity and -Infinity
    • Save numbers as integers when applicable
    • Preserve double and integer type information when exporting
  • Handle microseconds correctly in timestamps


Thu Jul 29 2021
  • Improve export
    • Fix bug with large collections
    • Allow export of CSV files which don't fit into memory
    • TableView: Respect column order and hidden columns in result export
  • Keep tab state after update
  • Add clear button to tab toolbar


Fri Jul 23 2021
  • Fix keyboard bug in JSON Editor
  • Add read-only banner in JSON Viewer


Wed Jul 14 2021
  • Save Queries
    • Queries and the tab's state can be saved and later be restored. To save a query, click on the icon next to the project chooser. Saved queries can be reached by a click on the big icon in the bottom left.
  • Auto-complete for where and order by clauses
    • Cycle through the suggestions by pressing the tab key.
  • Settings Menu: reachable via Ctrl+Comma or File -> Settings
  • Small UI improvements
  • Numerous bug fixes